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Hamtramck, USA

A documentary exploring life and democracy in America's first Muslim-majority city.

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      Hamtramck, USA

      In 2015, Hamtramck, Michigan, a formerly majority Polish Catholic city, became the first Muslim-majority city in America. During election season, its new majority aims for representation in city hall. Hamtramck, USA follows the campaigns of Fadel al-Marsoumi, a young Iraqi immigrant running for city council, and Karen Majewski, the first female mayor in Hamtramck’s 100-year lineage of Polish mayors. Throughout their campaigns, Karen and Fadel try to build support across ethnic and religious lines.

      Doha Debates is an impact producer on Hamtramck, USA.

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      Resources for educators

      Doha Debates and the Hamtramck, USA filmmakers have developed educational resources for teachers and other educators to use the film in the classroom. Download a quick lesson plan (for one 90-minute class) or the full curriculum (for four 90-minute classes).