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Necessary Tomorrows

Ursula, an AI instructor from the future, encourages listeners to study the turbulent 2020s. Mixing speculative fiction and documentary, leading sci-fi authors bring us three futures that seem like fantasy: animals are people, capitalism is banned from outer space and humans and AI have become kin. We meet the writers who dream of these futures and the activists, scientists and thinkers who are turning fiction into fact.

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Doha Debates Podcast

Doha Debates Podcast is a biweekly debate show that bridges the divide across contentious issues. Every two weeks, Doha Debates and FP Studios bring you an important and topical debate on the world’s most pressing issues. The show brings together people with starkly different opinions for an in-depth and human conversation that tries to find common ground. New episodes are out now, wherever you get your podcasts.

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The Negotiators

Season 3 of The Negotiators begins September 19, wherever you get your podcasts. Go behind the scenes of the negotiating table with stories from people resolving some of the world’s most dramatic conflicts. A co-production with Foreign Policy, The Negotiators is hosted by Jenn Williams.

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The first Arabic production by Doha Debates. A space dedicated to today’s generation to discuss their outlook on the world.Doha Debates is a Qatar Foundation production.

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The Long Game

The Long Game highlights stories that highlight courage and conviction on and off the field. A co-production with Foreign Policy, The Long Game is hosted by Olympic medalist and trailblazer Ibtihaj Muhammad.

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