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      Doha Debates Podcast

      Join us every two weeks for a debate on the world’s most pressing issues. Doha Debates Podcast brings together people with starkly different opinions for an in-depth, human conversation that tries to find common ground. Each show also includes young guest voices—often alumni of the Doha Debates Ambassador Program—who ask insightful questions of the guests. Brought to you in partnership with FP Studios.

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      Necessary Tomorrows

      Ursula, an AI instructor from the future, encourages listeners to study the turbulent 2020s. Mixing speculative fiction and documentary, leading sci-fi authors bring us three futures that seem like fantasy: animals are people, capitalism is banned from outer space and humans and AI have become kin. We meet the writers who dream of these futures and the activists, scientists and thinkers who are turning fiction into fact.

      The Necessary Tomorrows podcast is from Doha Debates and is presented by Al Jazeera Podcasts. It is produced by Imposter Media and Wolf at the Door Studios. Listen to season 1, wherever you get your podcasts.

      The Negotiators

      A nuclear arms deal with Russia. Reparations for Indigenous communities in Canada. A hostage release negotiated by the hostage himself.

      The Negotiators podcast takes you behind the scenes of the negotiating table with stories from people resolving some of the world’s most dramatic conflicts. Hosted by Jenn Williams, The Negotiators is a production of Doha Debates and Foreign Policy.

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      A podcast in Arabic for today’s generation to discuss their outlook on the world, hosted by Rawaa Augé.

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      The Long Game

      On The Long Game, we highlight stories of courage and conviction on and off the field. Activist and Olympic medalist Ibtihaj Muhammad guides the series and examines the power of sport to change the world for the better. Season 2 features stories about Rohingya refugees who play soccer in order to share their stories as genocide survivors, an interview with the WNBA Players Association president who’s fighting to bring US basketball player Brittney Griner home from Russian prison, and the stories of many more athletes who are fighting for change.

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      Course Correction

      The UN estimates that there are 84 million forcibly displaced people around the world, and nearly 27 million of those are considered refugees. These numbers are the highest they have ever been. On season 3 of Course Correction, we partnered with UNHCR, the United Nations refugee agency, to illuminate all aspects of the refugee experience from the moment they leave their homes to their eventual resettlement or return. Host Nelufar Hedayat brings her personal perspective to the series, having fled the conflict in Afghanistan with her family in the late 1980s. She interviews fellow refugees as well as those providing refugee aid and advocacy. Production assistance on this season was provided by Foreign Policy.

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