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    What is the Doha Debates Ambassador Program?

    The Doha Debates Ambassador Program is a first-of-its-kind series of 12 innovative conversations guided by master facilitators. We welcomed our fourth cohort—our largest yet—this January, made up of nearly 100 young people representing 37 nations. This year’s ambassadors will engage directly with international experts on peace and conflict resolution, community changemakers from around the world and most critically, each other, learning how to facilitate productive conversations about the most intractable global issues of our times. This program brings voices from the margins to the center using systems thinking, consensus building and storytelling to deeply explore complex issues, seeking sustainable solutions that serve all.

    The Doha Debates ambassadors are a highly selective cohort of 30 – 40 young leaders from diverse backgrounds and from all over the world, all committed to the exploration and growth necessary to lean into challenging conversations about complex global issues, seek common ground and build consensus for positive social change. The program equips ambassadors with the skills to:

    • facilitate dialogue around complex global issues,
    • effectively navigate intercultural communication,
    • articulate and understand your own worldview and those of others,
    • effectively tell your own story to draw people to an issue,
    • use storytelling to develop connection between people and the issues we face, and
    • understand the people and the motivations behind their position.

    Applications are currently closed. Follow us at @DohaDebates on all social platforms to be the first to learn how to apply for future cohorts.

    DDAP-students-01-1024x683 under 350

    Students attending the Doha Debates on loss of trust in institutions during the 2019 Paris Peace Forum

    Why are we doing this?

    In order to accelerate the change needed to solve global challenges, we need all hands on deck: Youth from all around the world need to collaborate and think differently than prior generations. Young leaders must 1) learn and build from the collective creativity and expertise of movers and shakers from around the world, 2) cultivate advanced skills in dialogue facilitation and consensus building, 3) leverage the power and intelligence of diverse perspectives and 4) ignite our capacity for collective action.


    What will Doha Debates Ambassadors gain?

    Become a part of a trailblazing cohort of young leaders from around the world, coming together to shape the next generation of global problem-solvers. Doha Debates ambassadors will:

    • Gain direct access to changemakers and other influential voices. Dive into global topics with the people who are taking action and pushing boundaries to move society forward.
    • Gain practical, lifelong communication, inquiry and facilitation skills. Work with expert facilitators to sharpen your skills for engaging in better conversations around complex global issues. Develop proficiency in cross-cultural and high-stakes communication by exploring challenging topics with people with diverse perspectives.
    • Become part of a diverse, international peer group and learning circle. Extend beyond your community and cultivate lifelong relationships with fellow future global leaders from around the world.

    Additional value

    • Earn a certificate in dialogue facilitation + LinkedIn credentials and endorsements. Demonstrate your participation in a selective program and  improve job prospects..
    • Create a participation portfolio that highlights your experience in the program. Demonstrate your depth of experiences and capabilities to potential employers.

    Students attending DDxUN event at Carnegie Mellon in December 2019 on the future of Peace Tech

    How does the program work?

    Between January 17 and March 27, the 2024 ambassadors meet weekly for 90-minute virtual sessions guided by facilitation expert Dr. Brandon Ferderer, with various guest speakers from all over the globe. These sessions provide an opportunity for ambassadors to:

    • engage in discussions with prestigious and influential voices from around the world who will share their experiences tackling such pressing topics as climate change, gender equality and disability justice,
    • learn facilitation and dialogue skills from experts in the field of negotiation, debate and cross-cultural communication,
    • use systems thinking and diverse stakeholder engagement to deeply explore complex global issues and their potential solutions,
    • participate in collaborative exercises and practice facilitation skills in high stakes cross-cultural communication,
    • interact with Doha Debates staff and events, making connections for continued work as global changemakers, and
    • create open, productive community dialogue events at home, school and work.

    In addition to these 10 synchronous sessions, ambassadors form an online community of practice on the Participate platform. Here ambassadors engage in group collaboration and forum dialogue, generating ideas and building a community of changemakers. Ambassadors should expect to spend between three and five hours each week engaging with the program and each other. Upon completion of the program, ambassadors earn a certificate from Doha Debates.

    After the program, alumni are invited to stay engaged long after their ambassadorship through events, conversations, workshops, debates and more. Ambassadors also support one another as alumni, forming lifelong friendships and connections.

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    Students during a Doha Debates exchange trip to Paris Peace Forum