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Room for Discussion

Challenge the way you think about the world's biggest issues


      Room for Discussion is the newsletter that challenges the way you think about the world’s biggest problems. Approximately once a month, learn about all sides of issues like whether making sports co-ed will address gender inequality, how democracies need to change in order to maintain their citizens’ trust, whether water is a human right or a commodity and much more. Read past issues below, and subscribe now to join the conversation.

      3 paths to gender equality in sports

      Two weeks ago, during the Mexico-Poland match at the 2022 World Cup, Stéphanie Frappart of France became the first woman to officiate a men’s World Cup game. A week later, history was made again, with the first-ever all-women crew refereeing a men’s World Cup match. Are these history-making firsts a stepping-stone to gender equality in sports? Read the newsletter.


      How chasing clout intensifies an already-polarized world

      Is social media fuel for the polarization fire, or a way to extinguish it? Read the newsletter.


      When disinformation goes digital

      What was once largely the domain of government intelligence agencies is now in the hands of the people. Who can be trusted to regulate it? Read the newsletter.


      Gene-editing the future

      Who decides what makes a life better, and who gets to draw the lines? Students and experts discuss genetic engineering and disability. Read the newsletter.


      “Cancel culture” through the ages

      A brief history of “cancel culture” from the 1980s through today, plus four challenging perspectives. Read the newsletter.


      Is water a human right or a commodity?

      We take a look back at our water scarcity debate and offer a few more perspectives. Read the newsletter.


      If you don’t trust the government—change it

      The pandemic isn’t over, but it’s affected governments’ credibility worldwide. With trust in government at a new low, we look back at how three Doha Debates speakers would change democracies. Read the newsletter.