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Alak Kais Raad
Doha Debates Ambassador 2024

Alak Kais Raad holds a bachelor of science in foreign service from Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar. She specializes in international politics and holds a certificate in media and politics. Alak has a keen interest in counter-terrorism, peace-building, and child protection in war-torn countries. Her thesis, titled “Engineering terror: Daesh’s media strategy and tactics in recruiting members from the Western world,” delves into the internet’s decentralized and unregulated nature, which creates a virtual battlefield between Daesh and vulnerable Western youth. Alak’s research also encompasses topics such as globalization, reverse Orientalism and actor-network theory, contributing to a nuanced understanding of contemporary conflicts. Eager to contribute to diplomacy, international security and humanitarian missions, she is fluent in Arabic and French, which further enriches her global perspective.