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Bochra Mekhlouf
Doha Debates Ambassador 2024

Bochra Mekhlouf is an Algerian graduate student at Salhi Ahmed University Center of Naama in Algeria and serves as the Operations Director at Concourse International. She is pursuing a master’s degree in applied linguistics with a focus on neurolinguistics, TEFL and phonology. In her free time, Bochra enjoys swimming, reading and playing chess. Bochra takes pride in her achievements, notably winning a Best Innovative Startup award with her biology club. She was also honored as a five-star student by her university in 2023. Her aspirations include becoming a university teacher and contributing to the improvement of the education system in her country. Bochra is enthusiastic about her role as a Doha Debates ambassador, seeing it as an excellent opportunity to connect with experts and collaborate with like-minded peers. This chance empowers her to explore and come up with solutions for building a better world.