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Christopher Brown
Author and contributing writer, Necessary Tomorrows

Christopher Brown is the Philip K. Dick and World Fantasy Award-nominated author of the novels Tropic of Kansas, Rule of Capture and Failed State. His new book of narrative nonfiction about urban nature and green futures, The Secret History of Empty Lots, drawing on the material of his popular newsletter Field Notes, is forthcoming from Timber Press in the fall of 2024. He lives with his family in a restored brownfield in Austin, Texas, where he also practices law.

Christopher is a contributing writer for the Necessary Tomorrows podcast.

240108 Necessary Tomorrows S1E1 graphic
S1 E1 Necessary Tomorrows

The Last Impala

What if nature had the same rights as humans? Written by Christopher Brown.

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S1 E2 Necessary Tomorrows

The Rights of Nature

A science-fiction author and an Indigenous lawyer explore an emerging legal movement.

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