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Hashmatullah Rahimi
Doha Debates Ambassador 2024

Hashmatullah Rahimi is an Afghan student in the American University of Afghanistan’s BBA management program. With a passion for inspiring youth, he has been teaching English to Afghan teenagers for the past seven years, working in both domestic and foreign institutions including Atarud A Lingua (the American Language Academy) and BIS International. He excelled in history, English and Persian classes at school and enjoys discussing poetry and history. In his spare time, Hashmatullah also enjoys playing chess, reading novels and watching global debates. The two greatest achievements of his life are having studied humanitarian concepts and values for five years with the Afghan Red Crescent Society, and being highly recognized as a young teacher who inspires rising stars. His main goals for the future are to run his own company and contribute to the creation of a foundation assisting those in need all around the world. Hashmatullah is thrilled to be a Doha Debates ambassador because it will allow him to meet new people from all over the world and learn more about the Majlis.