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Maryam Ekhlass
Doha Debates Ambassador 2024

Maryam Ekhlass, currently an undergraduate at the American University of Afghanistan, originally hails from Kabul, Afghanistan, and now resides in Islamabad, Pakistan. Her academic journey has been marked by a strong emphasis on English subjects, leading her to enroll in DEL classes and ultimately earn a diploma in English. During her leisure hours, Maryam indulges in her passion for reading, watching movies and exploring diverse and captivating subjects. Maryam takes great pride in the person she has become and cherishes her educational accomplishments. She envisions a future where she attains higher education, providing her parents with a wonderful life and making them proud through her success. Maryam is excited to embark on her role as a Doha Debates ambassador, driven by the desire to learn directly from seasoned professionals, forge a robust and well-educated network and acquire knowledge that will shape her future endeavors. Being a Doha Debates ambassador is not just an opportunity for Maryam to make her voice heard, but also a chance to contribute to a global dialogue. She harbors the hope that one day her perspectives and insights will resonate on a larger scale, allowing the world to hear and appreciate her unique voice.