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Mehboob Alam
Doha Debates Ambassador 2024

Mehboob Alam is an undergraduate student studying peace and conflict studies at the National Defence University in Islamabad, Pakistan. Passionate about understanding and resolving conflicts, he focuses on subjects such as conflict resolution, peace building, and political science. Hailing from Pakistan, Mehboob currently resides in his home country. In his free time, he indulges in a variety of interests. He finds solace in the world of literature, with a particular affinity for reading books. Additionally, he enjoys the strategic and thrilling game of cricket, showcasing his love for sports. When looking to unwind, he turns to the world of cinema, finding joy in watching movies. Mehboob takes pride in his academic pursuits and is driven by the aspiration to become a peace ambassador in the future. He envisions contributing to conflict resolution and fostering peace in diverse communities. As a Doha Debates ambassador, Mehboob is excited about the opportunity to broaden his horizons. He looks forward to learning from diverse perspectives and building a network that will contribute to his growth and aspirations. The program aligns with his goals of gaining new experiences and insights that will shape a better future.