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Nakshatra Gayan
Doha Debates Ambassador 2023

Nakshatra Gayan is an international economics and finance undergraduate student at Bocconi University, where she also serves on the TEDx committee and the student debate association. As an Indian raised in Qatar and living in Italy, her third-culture identity and experiences have molded her into a global citizen who is passionate about creating positive change in her community by fostering discourse and exchange of ideas to broaden our perspectives. Having lived in both cosmopolitan cities as well as remote villages, she is deeply interested in socio-economics, particularly issues of education equity, gender equality and climate justice. Actively involved in organizations such as Students for Equal Opportunities, she believes that ensuring parity in educational opportunities across demographics is paramount in bridging the gap between our differences and embracing our diversity. By being a part of the Doha Debates Ambassador Programme, Nakshatra hopes to engage with fellow accomplished ambassadors of her cohort and continue expanding her worldview. Nakshatra is a member of the third cohort of the Doha Debates Ambassador Program.