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Nour El Yakine Ben Hachani
Doha Debates Ambassador 2024

Nour El Yakine Ben Hachani is an Algerian pharmacological sciences master student at the University Of Science And Technology – Houari Boumediene who holds a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry. Her academic focus revolves around pharmacological sciences, with a particular interest in experimental pharmacology, molecular toxicology and biochemical analysis techniques. In her free time, Nour El Yakine is passionate about exploring the realms of astrobiology, delving into the mysteries of extraterrestrial life. Additionally, she enjoys volunteering for community initiatives, calligraphy and photography. Nour El Yakine is a proud alumna of the 2022 Harvard University Aspire Leaders Program and the 2022 US Embassy STEAM Program. She has demonstrated a commitment to academic excellence and leadership in science, and is dedicated to making a positive impact in her field. Nour El Yakine is excited to be a Doha Debates ambassador because she is excited to engage in meaningful discussions, leveraging her diverse academic background to contribute valuable perspectives. She looks forward to fostering connections and gaining insights that will further enrich her academic and professional journey.