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Sabawoon Durrani
Doha Debates Ambassador 2024

Sabawoon Durrani is an Afghan undergraduate student in political science at the American University of Afghanistan. He has also studied public speaking, English and civic engagement. In his free time, he loves to read, play cricket and have discussions about different topics with his students and fellow learners. Sabawoon is most proud of establishing Fekri Raghoon, a dynamic youth organization dedicated to championing modernization, women’s rights, intellectual growth and public awareness. He also takes pride in establishing Dream Academy, a specialized institution focusing on the art of public speaking and English-language proficiency. He is the author of a research-based book on public speaking in Pashto. He hopes to be a person who educates people and works for a modern and academic Afghanistan. Sabawoon is thrilled to embrace the role of a Doha Debates ambassador. His excitement stems from the opportunity to amplify his voice on a global platform and engage in meaningful discussions. As an ambassador, he looks forward to fostering connections, exchanging ideas and contributing to the program’s objectives, driven by a shared commitment to positive change and dialogue.