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Sayed Mahdi Alavi
Doha Debates Ambassador 2024

Sayed Mahdi Alavi is an undergraduate student at the American University of Afghanistan, studying business administration with a concentration in finance and a minor in data science. He is from Afghanistan and currently lives in Qatar. In his free time, he enjoys playing football, reading books and hanging out with his friends. He is proud to have earned honor award certificates for his academic performance. Additionally, he has had the honor of serving as a math tutor for six semesters. Beyond his academic achievements, he recently won the Tahadi futsal tournament and played a crucial role in the team’s championship. His future plans include completing his master’s degree in finance at one of the top universities in the USA, with the goal of becoming a chief financial officer. He is excited about being a Doha Debates ambassador because the program offers a unique opportunity to learn advanced communication and conflict-resolution skills from international experts, equipping him with the tools to navigate complex global issues and contribute to positive social change. Participation in the program also allows him to connect and collaborate with peers from around the world, fostering lasting relationships and expanding their global network. Furthermore, he will be able to actively engage with Doha Debates beyond the program, representing the organization at high-profile events and projects. This provides him with a platform to contribute to meaningful initiatives and make a real impact on the world stage.