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Shamim Akhtar
Doha Debates Ambassador 2024

Shamim Akhtar is a Youth Peace Ambassador from Pakistan. His scholastic career focused on societal dynamics with a special emphasis on youth participation, peace advocacy and environmental sustainability. Shamim escapes academia by working in the community, organizing activities and exploring outdoors. He is a recipient of the prestigious COP28 Zayed Sustainability Prize UAE and the British Council School Ambassador Award, among other honors. These honors highlight his commitment to campaigning for vital global issues as a Youth Peace Ambassador and climate defender. Shamim is excited about becoming a Doha Debates ambassador because the program provides a dynamic worldwide platform for people to raise their voices and campaign for topics important to their hearts, such as climate action, youth empowerment and peace building. He is also excited to interact with a varied group of people, gaining rich learning experiences and the opportunity to cooperate on innovative solutions to serious global concerns. Shamim plans to use his ambassadorship to strengthen his advocacy activities, building on the plethora of ideas and views he obtains from the program. He intends to actively participate in meaningful discourse and efforts that promote positive global change.