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Shazia Ahmadi
Doha Debates Ambassador 2024

Shazia Ahmadi, a business and data science student from Afghanistan, is pursuing finance and tech studies while passionately advocating for women’s rights. Beyond academia, she champions women’s empowerment globally through her own organization dedicated to fostering change. Shazia doesn’t just imagine change; she engineers it with expertise, vision and drive. Her unwavering dedication amplifies women’s voices, creating inclusive opportunities and impactful initiatives. In her down time, Shazia crafts poetry and explores enriching podcasts. Thrilled to be a Doha Debates ambassador, Shazia eagerly anticipates spearheading discussions and initiatives focused on empowering women and amplifying their role in decision-making, leadership and global platforms. Her goal is to leverage her expertise, fuel her passion and advance her advocacy efforts for a more inclusive and equitable world.