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Yaser Yousofi
Doha Debates Ambassador 2024

Yaser Yousofi is a dedicated advocate for education and empowerment. Hailing from Afghanistan, he holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management from Kabul University. Yaser’s educational focus encompasses business administration, project management and language proficiency. In his free time, he enjoys engaging in team-building activities, exploring project-management strategies and refining his language skills. His hobbies include Google searching, reading to enhance his skills and using social media platforms to connect and learn. Yaser takes immense pride in having achieved a remarkable score of 105 on the Duolingo English Test and in founding Bright Destiny, an organization empowering Afghan women and girls through education and entrepreneurship. He aspires to further expand Bright Destiny’s reach and create lasting change. Yaser is thrilled at the prospect of becoming a Doha Debates ambassador. He is excited to engage with international experts on peace and conflict resolution, leveraging his experience to foster constructive dialogues. Through the program, Yaser hopes to gain deeper insights into global issues and collaborate with a diverse network of change-makers.