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Zulaikha Mohammadi
Doha Debates Ambassador 2024

Zulaikha Mohammadi is an undergraduate student majoring in computer science at the American University of Afghanistan in Qatar. She is originally from Kabul, Afghanistan, and currently resides in Bangladesh. In her free time, she enjoys photography, reading fiction novels, volunteering for community projects and playing volleyball. She is proud of receiving an award from the All Girls Code (AGC) Techsplore program at the American University of Beirut, and of successfully completing the graphic design program at Vand International. Her future plans involve working with international organizations to advocate for human rights and promote global peace initiatives, utilizing her academic knowledge and practical experience. Zulaikha is excited to be a Doha Debates ambassador because it offers a platform to engage in meaningful discussions on global issues. She hopes to expand her network and learn diverse perspectives through the program.