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Podcast / February 06 2024

Equal Education: How can we ensure equal AI access for all?

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Let’s face it. Artificial intelligence is everywhere around us—on our phones, in our homes, in our cars and in our schools. But that doesn’t mean that we all have equal access to the best and most helpful learning technologies. As AI continues to develop and get smarter, how can we ensure universal access to these educational technologies so that all students can benefit?

Nadeem Nathoo, co-founder of The Knowledge Society, argues that the private sector would be the most effective at getting cutting-edge AI technologies into the hands of students, saying that a direct-to-user approach is the most realistic and reliable. Isabelle Hau, executive director of the Stanford Accelerator for Learning, says it’s imperative for educators to be involved in the development and dissemination of artificial intelligence in schools. She argues that while AI in classrooms can be a great equalizer, without proper oversight, there’s a risk that AI could deepen inequalities between students. Louka Parry, CEO and founder of The Learning Future, says we must look at education and learning more holistically. While he agrees that AI presents a lot of opportunity for learners across the world, he reminds us that an important part of learning is cultivating curiosity in a social setting and that AI tools could potentially isolate students and deepen intellectual divides.

This episode is hosted by Rawaa Augé and was filmed live at the WISE Summit in Doha, Qatar, in November 2023.