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Podcast / December 12 2023

Rise of the Rest: Who should lead in a multipolar world?

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What does a shift in the balance of power mean for the world? For much of the last 100 years, Western countries have dominated the global order. But now, with many nations vying for power, new regional partnerships and middle powers are on the rise. Economically, strategic alliances like BRICS are bolstering the influence of non-Western countries. And in a world that’s more digitally connected than ever, the global rise of pop culture heavyweights like Bollywood, dizi and K-pop means there’s more soft power in the hands of countries outside the historical superpowers. At the same time, conflict is on the rise globally. Earlier this year, the UN said there are more ongoing conflicts than at any point since World War II. Now, more than ever, it’s crucial to think about who should lead.

Join us, along with students, recent graduates and expert speakers—Jon B. Alterman, Sawsan Chebli and Wadah Khanfar—for a town hall event that breaks down today’s most urgent issues, examines the impact of shifting global powers and answers the question: Who should lead in a multipolar world?

This Doha Debates town hall was moderated by journalist Femi Oke and produced in partnership with Doha Forum. It was filmed at Qatar National Library in Doha, Qatar on December 9, 2023.