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Podcast / March 16 2022

Course Correction S3 Trailer

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For the past two seasons of the Course Correction podcast, we’ve challenged ourselves to find ways to change the world. In season one, host Nelufar Hedayat conducted personal challenges to explore how individuals can have a real impact on global issues. In season two, she focused on listening to people she disagreed with in order to figure out how to bridge the gaps that divide us.

This season, we’re focusing on a specific global challenge: Refugees. Why this single topic? Displacement of people is arguably one of the biggest humanitarian and geopolitical issues of our time. The United Nations estimates that there are 84 million forcibly displaced people around the world, and nearly 27 million of those are considered refugees. These numbers are the highest they have ever been. 

Course Correction has partnered with UNHCR, the United Nations refugee agency, to illuminate all aspects of the refugee experience. The season will follow refugees and other forcibly displaced persons from the moment they leave their homes to their eventual resettlement or return, detailing arduous journeys that can sometimes last years or even decades.