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Video / August 25 2021



In 2017, Myanmar carried out genocide against its own people, the Rohingya Muslims. Over one million Rohingya were forced to flee to neighboring Bangladesh into what has become the largest refugee camp in the world.

Some Rohingya documented their violent displacement and persecution on cellphones. Now, a few years later, instead of bearing witness to death and destruction, three young refugees are learning to use their phones to document life in the camps.

Exodus follows Omal Khair, Azimul Hasson and Dil Kayas as they learn to see their lives through a new lens — and offers the world a rare glimpse into what life is like for young Rohingya refugees.

Together with Fortify Rights, Doha Debates is proud to support these three young Rohingya refugees to help them develop skills in photography and storytelling.

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