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Video / October 14 2022

Ilwad Elman is #SolvingIt

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Watch how Ilwad Elman is #SolvingIt through her tireless pursuit of peace.

People say that Ilwad Elman has peace running through her veins. Her father, Elman Ali Ahmed, was assassinated for his pioneering peace activism in Somalia. Ilwad, along with her mother and two sisters, fled their home and sought asylum in Canada. Years later, she returned to Somalia, where she and her mother revived the Elman Peace organization, carrying on her father’s legacy, and founded Sister Somalia, a crisis center for gender-based violence. Ilwad Elman is #SolvingIt: Through her tireless pursuit of peace, she’s inspiring the next generation of young leaders and empowering women across Somalia—and the world—to not only fight for peace, but to lead the charge.