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Doha Debates News / December 03 2018

The Creative Idea Behind the Brand Identity

By Mari Randsborg, e-Types

The brand identity for Doha Debates is based on a strong belief that we as humans only create the best solutions by broadening our perspectives. It is when we are open-minded and curious, and when we listen to other people’s opinions and viewpoints, that we create change that matters. Therefore, the creative idea behind the brand identity for Doha Debates is “New Perspectives.” 

“In diversity, we find inspiration, knowledge and strength. New voices. Different points of view. New perspectives.“

It is in the exchange of perspectives that we broaden our horizons — that we enrich our mind and become agents of change. Empowered. Entrusted to rethink the world. 

We have translated this into the brand identity by twisting, turning, expanding and exploring — seeing things from different sides. 

The logo is a swirl of letters flying in from all corners to be united in a circle stating Doha Debates. Every letter represents a new perspective, a voice that needs to be heard. The swirl ending in a circle symbolizes the way we believe we should debate. We need a place where we come together to listen, connect and explore perspectives to find common ground and create real solutions.

Mari Randsborg is CEO of e-Types, a Copenhagen based design consultancy.

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