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Climate Change

Can we rise to the challenge?

Location: Virtual
November 4, 2021

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      Why this debate and why now?
      Human activities are changing the climate in unprecedented and, in some cases, irreversible ways. But what are the best solutions to this enormous challenge? Is focusing on renewable resources practical? And how do we balance our global fight against climate change with the myriad other problems plaguing our planet?

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      Climate Change: Can we rise to the challenge?

      A letter from managing director Amjad Atallah

      For educators

      To PREPARE for our upcoming debate on November 4, dive into the terminology and start thinking about the entire tangled system that is causing climate change. Watch this space for more activities to ENGAGE + REFLECT + ACT during and after the debate. All our curricula is free to download and use.

      Podcast episodes

      S1 E1 The Negotiators

      Inside the Paris Climate Agreement

      On today’s show, we’ll hear from Tom Rivett-Carnac. He was the senior adviser to Christiana Figueres, who led the United Nations’ talks toward the Paris Climate Agreement. Rivett-Carnac shares many stories, including the typo that almost tripped up the whole deal, as well as the power of Buddhism, island nations and editing.

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      S2 E6 Course Correction

      How alarmist should we be about climate change?

      How do we work together to address climate change when there’s no consensus on the solution? Host Nelufar Hedayat explores multiple solutions to climate change with Per Espen Stoknes, a Norwegian psychologist who specializes in the psychology of economic choices for climate change. She then speaks to Harvard geologist Dr. Daniel Schrag about how the scientific community could improve its messaging. And finally, she talks to former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard about the political perils of going big when it comes to enacting green laws.

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      S1 E5 Course Correction

      Kicking Our Plastic Habit

      Nelufar tries to live without single-use plastics and learns that just recycling isn’t enough.

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      S1 E3 Course Correction

      Georgie Badiel: Journey to the Well

      As a girl, Georgie Badiel walked three hours for water. Now her foundation builds wells.

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      S1 E2 Course Correction

      Cape Town: What Happens When a City Runs Dry?

      To better understand global water scarcity, Nelufar lives on 50 liters of water a day.

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      S1 E9 Course Correction

      Shrinking Our Carbon Footprint

      Nelufar gets an unpleasant surprise when she finds out the size of her own carbon footprint.

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      S1 E6 Course Correction

      Veena Sahajwalla: Turning Trash into Treasure

      Meet scientist Veena Sahajwalla. She’s inventing new ways to turn trash into useful items.

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